Start Weight: 135
Current: Under Construction
Goal 1: 132 (Completed)
Goal 2: 130 (Completed) 5/25/12
Goal 3: 128 (Completed) 6/20/12
Goal 4: 125 (Completed) 7/10/12
Goal 5: 123 (Completed) 7/23/12
Goal 6: 120 (Completed) 8/27/12
Goal 7: 118
Goal 8: 116
Goal 9: 113
Goal 10 : 110

Ultimate 1: 108
Ultimate 2: 107
Ultimate 3: 105

And when I finally reach my ugw, I'll write my name right

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VSX Sport Presents the Sexiest Workout Ever: Arms

Warm up - Do a 1-2 minute warm up like jumping jacks.
Small pulses on the down - In a push up position, pulses up and down quickly.
Straight punch series – Stand up, feet wide apart and punch quickly, extending the arm out fully alternating between left and right.
Alternating medicine ball push up – In a push up position with one arm elevated on a medicine ball, pulse up and down quickly.
Triceps dips – In a seated position with arms bent behind, pulse up and down by bending at the elbow, not letting your butt touch the ground.
Triple jab – Stand up and punch out, extending the arm out fully, then bring back half way. Repeat three times before bringing the arm fully back.
Row to the chest – In a push up position with feet spread wide apart, bring up arm the chest, preferably holding a weight in that hand.
Punch combinations – Standing with feet wide apart, punch out once with the right arm, extending fully, three punches with the left arm, one right punch, one left punch, three right punches.
3-Point push ups – Push up position, one arm in front of the other, pushing up and down.
Diamond push ups – Make a diamond with hands between thumb and forefinger, and in a push up position push up and down.
Stretch/cool down – Don’t forget to stretch out those arms and shoulders!

This workout should, including warm up and cool down, take around half an hour. Enjoy!

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